Monday, February 1, 2010

When we hit 100 can we go into syndication?

You might have noticed that the blog has had a significant lack of Lauren lately.  It is not because I don't have news or because I have run out of steam.  It is quite the opposite, I had run out of time.  The end of January is when things start picking up at work, new projects come onto the horizon, and I spend most of my time buried in packets of questions and answers trying to coordinate 20 high schools for my favorite hobby.

While crafting and theatre rank very high on the hobby list, my number one hobby is producing the tv show The Brain Game for ONNtv.  Working on this show is a true example of how you can do anything you put you want with a little hard work and ambition.
In short, I had always wanted to be a part of tv production.  The lights, the graphics, the music, everything about tv always seems so cool to me.  I was close enough to it working at a TV station, but I was always limited to my exposure through the "account executive" title that I held.  That was until I found a way to break onto the scene.  In short, if you want to work on your own tv show, here is the four step plan.

  1. Come up with a concept for a show that doesn't currently exist. (for example a statewide academic competition featuring high schoolers from across the state- awesome concept.  For good measure new made up show should also be something you actually enjoy)
  2. Find a client interested in the demographic for the show. 
  3. Sell the client your show. 
  4. Name yourself the producer.

This was more or less my plan of attack.  And somehow it worked.
However, once the plan is accomplished, you have to actually produce a tv show.  This part has been way more in depth and more work than I ever could have realized.  I have spent numerous evenings emailing, phone calling and faxing.  Then on taping dates the pressure is really on.  We are a live-to-tape show, which means what happens in the studio will air.  To date, I have produced 92 episodes of the Brain Game.  I have scheduled 180 teams, coordinated 7,254 questions and worked on many a late night project for the show.
So how does Little T feel about Brain Game? At this point I can't tell if it is love or hate.  Brain Game comes with a lot of abrupt loud noises.  It is loud if you ring in to answer, loud if you get it right and especially loud if you get it wrong.  There was a heck of a lot of kicking when there was a wrong answer this past week.  While it could be because of the noise, I am pretty sure it was because Little T knew the correct answer and was trying to ring in and steal the points.  What a smart little one.


Adam and Vicky said...

Such a cool job! We love to hear about it (along with the many other things you do!) Thanks for taking the time to share. I bet Little T will hijack the blog as soon as he gains arm control. :)

Katy and Chris said...

Wow, I didn't know you did this. How cool!

Jen Morris said...

I had no idea that this gig was nearly as involved as it is! You deserved that Emmy!!!

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