Monday, August 8, 2011

Pregnant Lauren looks like...

You may have noticed a lack of pregnancy pictures so far.  I'm not actively avoiding the camera, nor am I camera shy.  I just keep forgetting to take pictures and upload them.  So in other words, I am a slacker.

But, I do want to give you some sort of idea how I am looking.  Words can only do so much so here is a picture collage.

I don't look like this:
Or like this:
Definitely not this:
Most certainly not this:
Ah ha!  Finally, here is an accurate portrait of the current condition of my body!  And what a sight it is:

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

When are you due?

As with the last pregnancy, this is nearly the first question out of everyone's mouth when they find out that we are expecting.  I say "nearly" because we have had a handful of "what?!", "again?!", "are you f-in serious?!" Generally I don't really see these as questions but more as proclamation of inability to hold in one's emotions since the next question usually goes back to when we are due.

When we tell people our due date I honestly don't think that it registers.  Here are the two most frequent examples of the response we get, along with my thoughts.

Oh, December? You have a long way to go still.
Sure,  although I said December 2nd, as in the second day of December.  From today that is 122 days.  I wouldn't really say that that is too far off.

Oh, December? A Christmas baby!
Sure, although Christmas is three weeks away from December 2nd.  He'll be closer to a Thanksgiving baby.

I have actually started to say that we are due at the end of November.  Why? Because most likely that is when baby will be born.  Charlie was what my doctor refers to as a "good sized baby" and she has let us know that because of his size if we would like to be induced early she will totally back us.  So if I were a betting woman, you bet your ass I'd be guessing this baby will get an early eviction from Hotel Mama.