Monday, February 8, 2010

10am, 3pm, 11pm and newly added 7am

Little T sure hasn't fallen far from the tree!  Now that I am feeling an abundance of kicks, punches and general acrobatics in my womb I have noticed that Little T is a little performer just like mommy and daddy.

For the past two weeks every day at 10am, 3pm and 11pm, Little T wakes up, stretches out and puts on a little show.  Show times always start with general warm-ups, a performance, the grand finale, and then some much deserved rest before the next performance is set to begin.  Just like papa (and totally unlike mama), Little T is never late.  Usually the warm-ups start a couple minutes early to ensure that everything is set up before the performance begins.  I imagine that Little T probably has blocking, choreography and lines running through his or her head and gets all excited as each special show begins.

So far, show times are not affected by food, sugar  or beverages.  Little T does not let any outside movements influence the performance.  T even continued with a show unaffected after I accidently pushed directly on a little head when liberally applying belly balm.  What a little pro!

This morning Little T gave me a nice treat.  Today we had a 7am performance that wasn't previously scheduled.  I am not sure if this will be a permanent fixture in the show's run, but it is a welcome addition.  


Adam and Vicky said...

How interesting to hear your peanut already has a schedule! That's so exciting!!!

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