Saturday, June 26, 2010

The First Week

The first week in the life of Charlie has literally flown by.  Every day he changes so much and does new things that keep us on our toes.  He is eating like a champ, filling up his diapers good and sleeping enough at night that mom and dad are actually functioning members of society. We couldn't ask for a better little boy.

On Wednesday, Charlie was officially one week old. We celebrated this event by a trip to the pediatrician (followed by a McFlurry for momma).  Charlie is perfectly in proportion and is growing like a weed. He had lost 11ozs at the hospital before our release and by Wednesday he had gained it all back plus some.  This impressed his doc and made me feel a lot better about breastfeeding. It is crazy to look at him now and think that he had fit in my belly.
And because who doesn't love a before and after--- here I am on Wednesday of this week, exactly one week postpartum.
I do have quite a bit to go before I am back down to fighting weight, but even a little progress gives me hope! Once I am feeling a little bit more normal I intend to kick it into high gear. 

But really, who cares about pictures of just me--- I know what you all want, more pics of the babe.  I am happy to oblige and will even follow it up with another tale from our labor and delivery experience.

"Is that your baby?"- The first night that we spent in the hospital after Charles arrived was very stressful for us. We were so tired after being up for over 36 hours and our adrenaline had completely crashed.  At midnight the nurse came to get Charlie to get his weight and vitals checked. She brought him back shortly after and gave me a stern lecture on how important it was that he eat ASAP.  Yeah, lady, I know. But it is easier said than done when your less than 24 hour old baby has no interest in eating anything.  But, always one to do as I am told I continued to try and force my boob on the poor little guy.  

Hours (literally) later there was a silver lining when, thank the lord, the little guy turned his head and miraculously latched tight and started sucking away. I was relieved and excited that I had finally managed to get it right. My excitement was somewhat short lived.

Suddenly, loudly and abruptly, our room door swings open and in rushes our nurse, our tech, a second nurse, a security guard and a cop. Outside the door I could see another security guard and a couple additional nurses. There I am in my breast feeding glory, both breasts completely exposed and a baby hanging off of one suckling away oblivious to any oddities in the situation. The nurse made her way directly to me in the rocker and asked "is that your baby?"

Um, "Yes" I answered making no attempt at all to cover myself up. 

She then asked if she could check our security bands. I told her that she could, but there was no way in hell she was taking the baby off my chest because it had just taken two hours to get him to latch. Awkwardly she checked my band against his and confirmed that yes, it was my baby. She released the troops and told me that his electronic bracelet must have come loose and that it had triggered the "Stolen Baby" alarm. While I could only see those people sent to find the baby, the whole hospital had been put on lock down. Doors were all locked and no one could enter or leave. When she was telling me this I just started laughing... if it was going to happen to anyone I should have figured it would be us.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At home with the Tals

We have been home since Friday afternoon and every minute has been a new experience for us.

I thought that it would be a breeze to keep up with the blog since we have so many funny stories to share, but alas, I can't pull myself away from this kid--- he is too darn cute to be ignored.

So instead of a full blown post, here is a little tid bit from our hospital stay for you to chew on until I can regain my blogging ambition.

Poop-gate 2010: The first night at the hospital Matthew was deputy of diaper duty. He eagerly attended to all of Charles changing needs while this tired mama watched adoringly. Earlier in the evening while doing one change (in front of various family members no less) Charlie treated his papa to his first official "shart". The shart came midway through a diaper change so it was shocking, loud and hilarious. Shortly after, while we were alone in the room Charlie had filled yet another diaper. This time as Matthew was attending to the change, Charlie decided to top that puppy off. As the open diaper became more and more full, Matthew let out a stressed cry of "Why won't you stop CRAPPING!" followed by "It's like a frozen yogurt machine!" At this very moment, the night nurse came in to the room to do our vital checks.  I was laughing so much that I was actually crying. I am sure that nurse thought that we were nuts.

And, because I can't post without adding a picture of this beautiful boy, here is another little entertaining photo nugget from today.
Here we have Charlie modeling some of his collegiate gear.  Cute, no? But wait a minute. Charles... what are you doing with your right hand?
But the real question is... which team is this little birdie directed towards???

Ahhh... who cares what team you want to root for. I mean geez, look at this cutie!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just a little peek at Charlie

Click here to view a whole bunch of other pics! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

He is here!

Introducing Little T!

Charles Jackson
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
4:53 am
8 pounds 11 oz
22 inches long

Charlie was what I would call a speedy induction. We had been told by our doctor that the induction would take a  long amount of time because of the lack of progress that my body had made on its own. So we went to labor and delivery on Tuesday night thinking that maybe by Wednesday evening we'd have our Little T. Less than 10 hours after arriving at the hospital (and only 8 hours after actually starting the induction) we already had him in our arms.

Labor was laborious of course, but it went much faster than I expected. When our nurses joked around 4 am that they had another induction scheduled to come in at 5 am, I told them that that was no problem and that I aimed to please.

We could not be happier to have our Little T here with us. So, you will have to pardon the lack of posts as we are busy loving on him. We do have many pictures and hospital stories that we are excited to share once we get back home! All in due time, my friends!

And before I forget, thank you so much to all of you for being such great supporters. It means so much to us that everyone has been thinking about us. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey of parenthood!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bump (tardy for the party)

Before I officially post the latest and greatest of my bump pictures, I want to take a second and give a big fat raspberry to all of the people who were convinced that I wouldn't make it to my due date. Nurses, ultra sound techs, friends, neighbors, and family had me feeling that maybe I would get to meet Little T before today.  As you will see by the giant protruding lump on my belly, we were wrong!
That's right folks, we have officially past our due date.  I feel that I am solely to blame for this occurrence.  Matthew is ALWAYS early. He lives by the motto that on-time is late. I, on the other hand, am often running to make it anywhere within a reasonable amount of time.  Even if I allot myself additional time I find ways to inevitably be flying through a door attempting to appear as if I might have come in at the time requested.  Given this information-- anyone want to change their Little T guess to girl? 
For being 40+ weeks pregnant I guess that I am feeling "good". I hurt. I'm tired. I'm restless. I'm blue. I'm impatient. I'm hungry. I'm hot. I'm swollen. But mostly, I am bored. I guess that the down side of being so prepared for Little T is that everything is already done! I almost with I would have left a few things until the last minute just so that I could have some form of amusement that doesn't involve people watching at walmart.

I guess that I have made things to cozy for Little T.  While I am happy that each day he or she will get bigger and stronger, I can't help but want my baby NOW!