Sunday, February 21, 2010

Nursery Progress

This weekend was like an episode of Divine Design took over the Tal's.  Only instead of having a crew of people all with extensive knowledge and crazy unlimited budgets, we had the two of us, a few extra bucks and a floor plan that I drew out in sharpie.  But, in the end I think that Candice and especially Chico would be proud of what we accomplished.

While the nursery is far from complete, the hard labor aspects are out of the way.  We still have all of the decorative pieces to put in as well as our staples (crib, rocker, etc).  As you recall, we were inspired by a Dr. Seuss themed nursery that we found online.  While the inspiration was exactly what we were looking for, it was not exactly our style.  We wanted something that could really grow with our Little T through the years.  Without sharing ALL of our secrets, we soon decided that what we really wanted was a simple painted room with a thick border that would literally glow in the room.  The border itself has some secret elements that you will see soon enough.

First things first, our color scheme.  We chose a periwinkle for the walls, white for our border, and lime for an accent color.  I have always loved periwinkle and I think that Little T will be a fan as well.
Matthew got to work right away with the painting.  Unfortunately there was A LOT of prep work that needed to be done in the room due to the previous owner's poor taste level.  Once it was all prepped, up went the wall color! (I am showing you the swatch so you can visualize it a little better, iphone doesn't take the best color pics and I am too lazy to pull out the digital)
Next we went to work on prepping for our border.  This involved me and power tools, and was therefore my favorite part.
After all of the wall cleats were in place and attached to studs (in case Little T is a Little Monkey and ever wants to climb the walls), we were ready to start attaching our lighting.  Yup, you are looking at 96 feet of rope lighting.  The lights have their own wall switch which will make them great for late nights with Little T.
Once the lights were all installed, we covered our support boards with hardboard.  This hides all the messy bits, but allows the light to shine from the top and bottom of the floating border.
We still need to prime and paint the border white, but next to the installation that will be a breeze.  I can't wait to show you how we plan to dress up the border and how it will look with actual furniture!  But for now, I'm pooped.  I think I will go back upstairs and admire our hard work some more.


FutureMrsTal said...

It's looking awesome! Can't wait to see it in person in a couple weeks!

Adam and Vicky said...

Totally amazing! I just love your attention to detail! I wait anxiously for you to share the next step, or the whole thing, but please rest -- I'm pretty sure I can't keep up with all the inspiring you do! I believe I'm about 10 years behind . . . :) I'm also extremely fond of periwinkle (so very calm and soothing for my spazzing), so all of it seems extra perfect -- as does the label "awesomeness".

Jen Morris said...

Will you come decorate my apartment???

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