Monday, February 15, 2010


V-Day had a double meaning for the Tals this year. Not only did we celebrate our love with the traditional St. Valentine's Day business we also had a very big milestone. February 24th was Little T's own special V-Day.

What do I mean by Little T's V-Day? It is the baby's viability day, which basically means that at this point all of Little T's organs are formed and Little T would most likely survive outside of the womb (with the help of a NICU). We are so excited to meet the little one, but we have already told him (or her) that it is not acceptable to make an appearance just yet! Little T still has lots of growing to do before the big introduction to the world.

The days leading up to our big V-Day were pretty rotten. Luckily I have a husband who is patient enough to deal with me as a patient. On Tuesday night it seems like Little T and I came down with the ever dreaded, ever painful, ever exhausting, food poisoning. I think that I am finally back to normal, but that experience is something I would never wish on my worst enemy. I also learned that daytime television is horrible and fantastic at the same time. (Side note--- Matt and I are a Nielsen family in a couple weeks and I really hope that I can kick my Lifetime Movie Network habit before then.  I think Matt will die of embarrassment if our survey shows that all our household watches is PTI on ESPN and LMN)

We have a busy couple of weeks--- I can't wait to update on all of Little T's in utero adventures!

  • Later today: New BUMP pictures (because I know you LOVE looking at my naked belly)
  • Later this week: Nursery progress (Big T is at home finishing up the paint today!)
  • Two Weeks: LAS VEGAS, BABY!
  • Three Weeks: Brain Game Championship match (Little T is in the running for smartest baby still in the womb)
  • Three Weeks: We will have a BALL (or two) at Amanda's bachelorette!
  • Five Weeks: Big T Weekend (and maybe a 4d ultrasound to check out this cutie's progress)


Adam and Vicky said...

I wanted to call you guys over the weekend to tell you that I saw a neat thing discounted at Borders -- a Dr. Seuss package with stickers and 5 x 7 alphabet pages. Not sure if you'd be interested in repurposing, and I went to the register with it before convincing myself that it would be better to share the deal so you can make a decision on it, rather than adding more junk for you to worry about! It was at Waldenbooks (Borders) at Tuttle for $5.99. I'm happy to pick it up for you if you'd like. Sorry you were so sick last week but happy you're better now. Love how you tied Little T's important milestone to V-Day. Have fun in Vegas! And way to go, Big T -- I'm impressed by your involvement!

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