Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Bump

Well folks, we are at about 22.5 weeks and chugging right along!  Baby is kicking more and more and I *think* that we are finally starting to show!  Now, I don't think that we are quite at the strangers noticing point, but the bump is looking more like bump and less like chub every day.

You'll notice that my non-maternity jeans are still in play (yee haw!), but for the most part I have transitioned over to maternity jeans and oh so comfy stretch pants.  Seriously, I never knew how liberating it could be to not have to button or zip your trousers.  I can still wear nearly all of my shirts, although many are way to short to cover both my bump and the stretchy waistband of my new favorite pants.

As an added bonus this week we have added a couple pictures for your enjoyment.  I have found that if I stand with my hands around my belly it adds some depth and actually makes the bump look a proper bump size.  Maybe I should always stand like this?


Andy Tal said...

Apparently it's all in the presentation.

Jen Morris said...

Hmmmm...not sure if your bump would get you a seat on the NYC subway quite yet. Needs a little more expansion. :-) You are looking lovely though! I'm so glad you started this blog!

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