Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh the places we'll go!

One of the things that I have been most excited about in planning for the arrival of Little T has been setting up the nursery.  For those that have been to our house you know that we don't mess around when it comes decorating.  I am like a well oiled design machine ready to take on whatever comes my way as quickly and cheaply as possible.  

My favorite thing to do when people see our house for the first time is to point out how frugal we were with our decorating budget.  I point to the dining room table ($80 on craigslist) the bamboo shades in the kitchen (hello $5...) and then I usually cap it off with my 24" wall tiles (free free and free).

Do you ever watch Design on a Dime?  Yeah--- that show is awful.  I can't figure out how they can make a $1000 budget look so horrible. I think the finished room usually looks worse than when it started.  If you have a designer, a carpenter and another helper working with $1000 you should be able to do more than build an ugly end table and a lamp that looks like a fire hazard.  Just my two cents.

The one room in our house that has not been touched since we moved in is the future nursery.  I have basically shut the door and haven't even looked into it.  We always knew it would be the nursery so we didn't want to start to decorate only to change our minds later.  

But now the time has come to decide what we want to do for Little T.  Since we aren't finding out whether T is a boy or a girl this presents us with some challenges that might scare others into breaking down at their big ultrasound and taking a peak.  But not us.  Not knowing only makes it more fun to find things that can go team blue or team pink.  

Our initial brainstorms involved stripes, dots, alphabets, animals, zoos and other neutral options.   But then, we found our inspiration picture featured on my favorite baby blog Spearmint Baby.  It is a room that is based on Dr. Seuss.  

Unlike other Seussian inspired rooms this room incorporated all of the Dr Seuss characters and all of the bright and fun colors that we love.  Plus, as an added bonus, how can you deny the educational benefits of using a literary theme for Little T? The inspiration is a little busy for our more clean lined taste, so we have come up with our own twist on Seuss for our little one.  (Seriously, I mocked it all up in photoshop to make sure that I wasn't creating something super ugly)

We haven't started "construction" on our room yet, but you can be sure of three things: 
1. It will be so freaking cute.
2. My quest for decorating deals will definitely be in full force.
3. I am so excited I can barely stand it.


Adam and Vicky said...

I was telling my mother-in-law the other day about your plans for the nursery. I love it! You can go so many directions with it. And I love that you're a bargain hunter!

David and Kelli said...


KR said...

Just to let you know, pottery barn has had Dr. Seuss sheets and pillows and stuff for a while. Diego has the Dr. Seuss crib sheet. Not sure they are still selling them, but betting you can find them on e-bay.

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