Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where did it begin?

I think that before we launch into the subject at hand, growing our family, we should start from the very beginning.  I'm not talking about the birds and bees... if you need to know how that all works there is this great web service here that will answer all of your questions on this topic or any other.

First things first, dear Thespis acts as cupid in casting the Bread and Circus Theatre Co.'s production of the British Farce, Move Over Mrs. Markham.  We were cast as a husband and wife looking to have flings outside of our marriage, but, spoiler alert, end up falling back in love with each other.  I should have known that Matt had a thing for me when he suggested we lengthen our kiss and double it.  Sly dog.  We began dating right after production wrapped.

First comes love, then comes marriage...  On June 7th, 2008 (6-7-8 for you number geeks), we were married in front of all of our family and friends.  The day was complete with corny wedding pictures, custom groomsmen shoes, wedding pez and the best band in all of Columbus.  We literally danced until we could dance no more.

Of course, once we were married we dreamt of the day that all of our belongings could fit under one roof.  The condo, as beautifully arranged and decorated as it was, was no longer cutting it.  So the search began.  And went on, and on, and on.  Then one soggy and wet Wednesday we saw our perfect house.  The sellers accepted our first offer (suckers) and we closed just two days before our first anniversary.  Since paper is the traditional anniversary gift we thought it was definitely fitting.

In September we were blessed with the best gift anyone could have given us.  That's right, a collection of pregnancy tests all with double lines.  Matthew was the first one to find out we were pregnant.  I was too nervous to stay in the bathroom and wait for the test to develop.  I admit, I peed and ran. Matthew came to get me in the other room when he saw the results.  And no, you aren't getting a picture of the test, that is gross.  We are due just days after our second wedding anniversary.

And here we are!  19 weeks into pregnancy and going strong. The last ultrasound we had was just shy of 8 weeks (above).  Baby was curled up taking a little nap.  In the ultrasound you can see the giant head and the back and spine curled around but not a whole lot else.  (In fact, I think it looks like a little gummy bear.  Mmmm... gummy bears... bouncing here and there and everywhere)

We did not chose to have an NT scan at 12 weeks so the next time we get to see baby we will be 22 weeks.  It seems like it has been forever!

But don't worry, just because you won't get a Little T pic for a few weeks that doesn't mean that you won't have plenty of other pictures to feast your eyes on.  We have been taking periodic pictures of the bump (or non bumpy bump) and will share them with you soon.  I know you are so excited, just try and contain yourself a little longer and your patience will be rewarded.


David and Kelli said...

Dear Baby T. I cannot wait to meet you. And the house that your mommy and daddy bought you is beautiful.

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