Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Blogosphere--- please be nice!

I can't believe that I am here.  Here on the internet that is. I have often thought of starting a blog, I read other people's all the time, but usually by the time I get myself amped up to do it a laundry list of other projects comes up.   I might be good at getting things accomplished, but I am definitely not good at keeping focus.

I kept a journal when I was 11.  Then I made one when I was 13, 15, 16, 17 and 22.  I still have them all.  Not a single one goes past entry #10.  I think I might have been ADHD before there was even a term for it.

But this time it will be different.  This time I actually have something to share and hopefully people who will be interested in reading it.  I am excited to have a place to tell our funny stories and pictures of our expanding waistlines family.

So here I am.  Blogging.  I hope you enjoy it.  We will see if I make it to the ever elusive entry #11.


Andy Tal said...


Don't worry, Amanda and I'll keep you focused and blogging. We need to increase the Talicskan influence on the internets anyhow.

Adam said...

First, Andy, yer a nerd.

Second, I hope you do continue. I need more pages and blogs to read when I am supposed to be "studying".

Third, I am excited to keep up with how things are going.

Adam and Vicky said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're sharing in this way!!! You guys are too creative and funny not to share!

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