Thursday, January 21, 2010


Since we haven't officially started the execution of Little T's nursery I have been trying to find other ways to keep up on my crafting.  I haven't had the amount of time I'd usually like to devote to this month because of our upcoming Brain Game tapings.  But I did get some time to sneak in some things for baby earlier in the month!

For Christmas this year Barb bought me an entire collection of Tulip fabric paints.  Seriously, the last time I used fabric paints was back in the late 80s when I called them "puff paints" and used florescent hues to write things like "NKOTB 4Eva".  But, these paints were top of my Christmas list in 2009.  In fact, they were really the only thing I asked for.  You see, fabric paints+freezer paper+a cricut= the look of silk screen without any of the hassle of actually screen printing.

As soon as I opened my paints I was so overcome with crafty joy.  I was even more excited when Barb revealed that she had freezer paper in the house.  I quickly scanned the room for a clock and realized that if we scooted right away we could make it to walmart and buy onesies and tees to play with.  I am so lucky to have a mother-in-law and future sister-in-law who get as excited as I do when it comes to crafts (and onesies).  That night we made five onesies and two t-shirts!  We gave three to Matt's cousin Marissa when we saw her the next day, but I kept two for myself.

The one on the left was designed by Amanda and the one on the right we painted to look just like my cat, Miss Eartha Kitt-y (or simply Miss Kitty to those who know her well).

Once we got home I knew that I needed to do more.  I have made another three onesies for Little T.  But I want to show you my favorite of the bunch.


Katy and Chris said...

Ok, those are WAY too much fun. Need more details on how this works!!!

Adam and Vicky said...

So cool! And love the t-shirt/onesie representing compromise. :)

sbadiner said...

Ok... that onesie is FREAKIN' hillarious! Totally loving it!

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