Monday, January 11, 2010

The Bump

I have been having a hard time dealing with the fact that I am going to get bigger.  I am not a weight obsessed person, but even when I have a little too much junk in the trunk, I have always thought that I had some pretty fine looking abs.  I officially said goodbye to my abs about 6 weeks ago.

I was pretty excited to exchange my abs for a cute baby bump, but it looks like the bump must be on back order.  I have definitely not popped by any means.  Instead, everything has just gotten wider.  My itty bitty waist is not so itty bitty anymore.  Those who know me swear that they can "see something", but what they are seeing looks more like the result of a binge session of pizza and cheeseburgers as opposed to any hint of actual pregnancy.  I have been dreaming of the day when a stranger might actually notice that I am pregnant.

So here I was way back when we found out.  (notice the tan... ahhhh to be tan again.)

Here I am right at the start of our second trimester.  1/3 of the way done and barely showing.

This was just a few weeks ago and is my latest belly shot.  I can definitely see that the bump is there... somewhere.  (on the plus side, these are my pre-preg A-pocket Seven jeans... boo ya.  Although the white shirt no longer fits)

Next Monday I think that I'll start weekly updates.  What better way to start out the week then to look at my belly, right?


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