Monday, January 18, 2010

The Suite Life

On Saturday the in utero Little T got his or her first taste of the Suite life.  Little T has already sat Club Level at an event before (watching the Red Wings crush the Blue Jackets back in November), but this was an all new experience for the little one.

Let me preface this by saying that our family are not Blue Jackets fans.  We are very allegiant to our Red Wings.  But, in the good spirit of showing some hometown pride, as long as the Jackets aren't playing the Wings (or close in the standings) we will cheer for Rick Nash and his crew.

I am convinced that the Suites at Nationwide Arena we perfectly designed for both male and female patrons.  Matthew was able to quickly score a seat in the viewing box and I was able to immediately grab a seat in a cozy armchair right next to the food.  I am sure that Little T appreciated the plentiful and tasty treats offered.  I "watched" the game, but mainly I gossiped, walked around and then tried to measure up my former coworker's new lady friend.

I know that Little T appreciated living the good life at the game, I am just worried that we are already leading the baby into a spoiled world.  When I was a youngster my Dad worked a lot with Cleveland media and I was a constant attendant in all of the suites and loges around town.  I remember one particularly good Cavs game at the Coliseum.  About halfway into the game my dad leaned over and said, "Lauren, if you marry the right man you can have all of this too."  I remember telling him that I didn't need to marry a man to have it. He laughed and said that I was right and he was sure if I wanted it I'd get it.  From that point on I knew that I needed to have a job with perks.  When I was 23 years old I was in the suites all on my own, and guess who was the first person I told?  Of course it was my dad.

I am always willing to stand in line for the $5 huntington passes or to sit in the tip top of any stadium.  In fact, I am a deal finder in concerts and sports as much as I am with decorating.  I am all for luxury, I am just too cheap to actually buy luxury tickets.  After the thrill of getting a good deal has worn off, I look down into the suites and wonder what food those people are eating and how comfortable they all look not squished into a 18" seat.

Now I know that Little T is too young (unborn) to truly understand the suite life, but I hope that we will be able to raise a child that can appreciate a good game in the nosebleed section just as much as a romp in the suite.


Andy Tal said...

I can't believe it, I'm already jealous of the rugrat.

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