Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Bump (tardy for the party)

Before I officially post the latest and greatest of my bump pictures, I want to take a second and give a big fat raspberry to all of the people who were convinced that I wouldn't make it to my due date. Nurses, ultra sound techs, friends, neighbors, and family had me feeling that maybe I would get to meet Little T before today.  As you will see by the giant protruding lump on my belly, we were wrong!
That's right folks, we have officially past our due date.  I feel that I am solely to blame for this occurrence.  Matthew is ALWAYS early. He lives by the motto that on-time is late. I, on the other hand, am often running to make it anywhere within a reasonable amount of time.  Even if I allot myself additional time I find ways to inevitably be flying through a door attempting to appear as if I might have come in at the time requested.  Given this information-- anyone want to change their Little T guess to girl? 
For being 40+ weeks pregnant I guess that I am feeling "good". I hurt. I'm tired. I'm restless. I'm blue. I'm impatient. I'm hungry. I'm hot. I'm swollen. But mostly, I am bored. I guess that the down side of being so prepared for Little T is that everything is already done! I almost with I would have left a few things until the last minute just so that I could have some form of amusement that doesn't involve people watching at walmart.

I guess that I have made things to cozy for Little T.  While I am happy that each day he or she will get bigger and stronger, I can't help but want my baby NOW!


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