Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Bump

I may be just shy of 39 weeks pregnant... but I feel like I am running about 49 weeks pregnant.  I'm not going to lie, the novelty has definitely worn off of being pregnant.  Sleep- ha that's funny.  Sitting- yeah that isn't comfortable.  Laying down- no relief there.  Walking- only causes swollen feet, which requires laying down, which causes heartburn.  Bending- you are kidding me right?  So, let's get right to the point.  I want my baby and I want it NOW!  What little scrap of patience that God gave me has officially been depleted.

Oh, you didn't log on to read all about my current grievances?  Well what are you looking for?  Would a picture of my watermelon belly make this visit worth your while?  If so, feast your eyes on this creamy white skinned bumpy goodness:
I feel bad for all of my above complaints.  This whole pregnancy journey has been a joy and a blessing.  While some times have been more trying than others, and the past few days seem to be endless, I could not be happier with our progress. While I may feel like the goodyear blimp, I know that I am baking a beautiful baby that will make it all worth while.
I realize that I may be a bit of a drama queen with some of my complaints, but I think it is because I really can't wait to meet Little T. And I am sure that when our eyes meet for the first time I will forget all about how embarrassing it is to toot every time I cough or sneeze.


CrshN2Me73 said...

Aww poor Lauren! I think most everyone feels like that towards the end. Trust me when I tell you that every little bit of it will be worth it when you see Little T for the first time. You will even say that you would do it all over again just to have little T. Hang in there, your in the final strech. It wont be long now. :)

Much Love,


ConnieK said...

You look adorable and don't let anyone tell you different! I mean really, check out that stretch mark free belly... I WISH I could say the same about my poor tummy. This is it kiddo, you can do it!

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