Thursday, June 17, 2010

He is here!

Introducing Little T!

Charles Jackson
Wednesday, June 16, 2010
4:53 am
8 pounds 11 oz
22 inches long

Charlie was what I would call a speedy induction. We had been told by our doctor that the induction would take a  long amount of time because of the lack of progress that my body had made on its own. So we went to labor and delivery on Tuesday night thinking that maybe by Wednesday evening we'd have our Little T. Less than 10 hours after arriving at the hospital (and only 8 hours after actually starting the induction) we already had him in our arms.

Labor was laborious of course, but it went much faster than I expected. When our nurses joked around 4 am that they had another induction scheduled to come in at 5 am, I told them that that was no problem and that I aimed to please.

We could not be happier to have our Little T here with us. So, you will have to pardon the lack of posts as we are busy loving on him. We do have many pictures and hospital stories that we are excited to share once we get back home! All in due time, my friends!

And before I forget, thank you so much to all of you for being such great supporters. It means so much to us that everyone has been thinking about us. We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers as we continue on this journey of parenthood!


CrshN2Me73 said...

HE'S BEAUTIFUL! OH such a handsome little man! Congratulations! Baby boys are the very best. ;)


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