Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Nursery Reveal

Drum roll please..... we have finally finished the Nursery.  With a lot of hours of work, and a lot of help from family and friends, we are proud to unveil our creation.  Yes, it is missing one key element, Little T.  But, he or she needs to bake just a little bit longer. 

Just a little reminder, here is what the room looked like before: 
And remember our inspiration from Spearmint Baby? Well here is our final product. We knew we wanted Dr. Seuss. We knew we wanted gender neutral. And we knew that we wanted the best nursery that we had ever seen. I am pretty sure that we accomplished all of those things. (although I may be a little biased)
And of course, you have to see what it looks like with the lights off and the back lighting on.  We did this so that when we have to get up at night we can use the soft glow rather than the bright overhead.  It is actually quite a warm glo--- just hard to photograph!
So how did we do it?  Well, let me break it down for you!

The White Stripe- the stripe around the room is actually built to stand off the wall by about 1 inch.  Behind it is rope lighting that connects to a light switch at the front of the room.  It creates a glow effect that allows us to see everything in the room without turning on the over head.
The Dr. Seuss Characters- Once we had decided on the theme and had an inspiration, we knew that we wanted a lot of handmade touches in the room.  We asked my dad if he would be willing to do a few drawings for us.  Before knowing exactly how many or how complex they'd be he agreed. Sucker! Each of the characters is hand painted (not traced, not projected, not copied) onto a piece of white styrete. This way we were able to place the characters around the room on the elevated lighted white stripe.  When Little T out grows the room we can simply take them down rather than having to paint over.  My dad spent hours working on this project and the room simply would not be the same without them
The Alphabet- Simply black vinyl cut in the Dr. Seuss font with my Cricut then applied around the room.  It is easy to remove if we ever want to make a change
The Green Chair- This super cozy chair is the Tryp by Best Chairs.  It was a gift from my parents and we were able to custom order it in our limey accent color.
The Bookshelf- The bottom is a closetmaid shelf and the top is a book ledge from Ikea.
The Polka Dot Lamp- This was a black lamp from target that was a shower gift from my cousin, I'm sure she didn't expect me to add the polka dots.  I just couldn't help myself.
The Curtains/Crib Skit- I made these to coordinate with the room.  
The Crib- The Graco Lauren Classic, a gift from Matthew's mom.
The Mobile- This is a fishy mobile from Ikea.  I am pretty sure it has been discontinued, but on our last trip to Ikea they had one randomly in a bin. Score!
The Changing Table- Matthew and I are both pretty tall so we wanted a nice high changing area.  We bought a closetmaid unit for $40 and added a $4 table top from Ikea to make this beauty.  We screwed it together and to the wall for support.  Once baby doesn't need it anymore it will convert into a shelf again.  I did some iron on vinyl on the bins too--- I can't be stopped with the cricut.
The Dresser- This actually is contained in the closet.  It holds all of Little T's clothes all organized and ready!
The Fan- This was a regular black ceiling fan, until I added the vinyl polka dots.  Now it looks like it was bought that way.
Everything Else- Ok, so I realize this is a very broad bullet point, but quite frankly I am running out of typing patience.  Just about everything in this room was altered in some way to give it our own personal touch.  I am so happy with how everything turned out and I can't wait to have our baby to bring home to see it.


Vanessa said...

Super cute nursery!! I love it!

Kristi said...

brills on labeling the dresser - you'll love that more than you ever thought possible.

also - JEAN-YUS idea with the taller changing table. i can just imagine matt all hunched over a regular one. poor baby T would give the man a serious case of the hunchback.

you should submit this to the bump for a feature - for real. :)

Kristi said...

oh, and also? had no idear your dad was so talented - that's awsome! and such a labor of love for little T from grandpa!!

Jen Morris said...

WOW! That is amazing, Lauren. Not that I'm the least bit surprised. You are incredible. I hope you are available for hire when I start to domesticate myself. :-)

Love the Basic H2 bottle in the room too!!!! Fits in so nicely. He he he...

So excited for you both. You will be amazing parents and your kid is going to have the most amazing arts and crafts projects at school. ha ha ha...and seriously, you should consider submitting this to a magazine. xoxo

CatieB said...

Hi there,

My husband and I are expecting twins in Sept 2012. We love the idea of a Dr Seuss nursery and have come across yours on google. I believe this is your blog for family & friends, so I hope you don't mind us looking. Your nursery is absolutely amazing and we are hoping to do ours similar!

We do have a few questions and would be forever thankful if you took the time to answer.
1. Is the white stripe a piece of wood? Painted white?
2. Is the rope lighting just one piece all the way through, or do you have 2 rows (one on top & one on bottom?)
3. Do you have the rope lighting hidden under a power cord channel around the window? Or do you have separate pieces?

Again, I thank you so much for sharing your nursery- we are so glad we came across it. It's perfect.



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