Monday, May 17, 2010

The Bump

37 weeks now.  Officially FULL TERM.  Holy. Crap. I'm gonna be somebody's mother.

From a scientific viewpoint, 37 weeks marks the date when baby is done cooking. Of course, full term is an estimate and also a range which lasts from 37 all the way to 42 (42!!!) weeks. So in all reality I have anywhere from hours to weeks before Little T will get the actual eviction notice.  Do I think that we will have Little T here soon?  Nope. Especially not if the little one takes after me. I am pretty much always running late.

So here is the bump--- you've seen it clothed in a few previous posts, but here it is naked again in all of its tight skinned glory.
Yes, those are my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Yes, I am starting to resemble a duck. Yes, you are correct if you are thinking that I look less comfortable than last week. And no, my belly button has yet to pop (although the top part is starting to pull suspiciously down and out like it is thinking about popping but wants to wait to see what move the rest of the button makes).
So in honor of our "full term" status I thought we'd mix it up with a little Q&A.

How far along are you? 37 weeks

Have you gained any weight? Funny you should ask!  Why yes, I have gained
some weight.  And by some, I mean that I no longer consider the scale to be my friend (as if we ever were).  In fact, I am no longer speaking to the scale.  We are having a rough patch.  All though shockingly my doctor seems to think that I have gained exactly what she thought I would.

Are you wearing all maternity clothes? Surprisingly, no. I am still wearing regular tank tops and a slew of regular skirts and dresses.  Some are ones that I have already owned and some new.  Mainly I am hot all of the time, so dresses and skirts have been key.

Do you have any stretch marks? I don't really want to answer this question because I am fearful that I will jinx my current situation.  Maybe I can just say "to be determined'?

How are you sleeping? I generally sleep like a champ.  Last night I did have to get up twice to skip to the loo.  Usually I sleep through the night though.

What was you best moment this week? Well, another thing I don't want to really jinx, but you might as well know.  Little T has been hanging breech.  Yeah.  I know.  BUT I am fairly positive that against all odds Little T may have flipped on Friday.  I won't know for sure until Wednesday.  If Little T has not flipped we will have to have a version.  This would not be good news.

Have you been having lots of movement? This late in the game movement should be slowing down.  BUT, Little T doesn't play by the book.  I would say movement has increased by about 50% in the past week.

Have you had any cravings? Ice cream.  Mmmmm ice cream.
Well folks, that is about it for this bump for now.  I'll just leave you with one parting pic.

ALSO!!! I you have yet to make your guess on when Little T will be here, what the heck are you waiting for? Click HERE


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