Friday, April 30, 2010

Shower Preview

I can't wait for tomorrow.  And I'm sure that Little T is just bustling with excitement as well.  That's right folks, tomorrow afternoon we will have our first shower! My mom has planned the event for our family and friends and she has been literally working overtime planning and making all of the arrangements.  She has attempted to keep most of it a secret from me, but I have been privy to a few details and I am too excited.  
Alas, with all good parties and showers alike, the mood is most definitely set by the invitation.  My mom definitely did not slack on this aspect in the slightest. Knowing that our nursery theme is Dr. Seuss she went all out on the invites.
You only have one chance to make a first impression.  Imagine pulling out your mail and finding a giant bright lime envelope.  This was step one of her invite design. A giant, and I do mean GIANT envelope.  She customized it with a Cat in the Hat holding a sign which read, "The Time is at Hand, So an Invitation for YOU! We'll Celebrate and Party Before Baby is Due!" Talk about making a first impression.  I have never received an invitation larger than life like this before!
Inside the envelope was an equally large Hat from the Cat in the Hat. My mom had to cut each one of these out individually!
All of the information for the shower was on the back of the hat.  She even used a very Seussian poem:
"What is that you say?
Lauren & Matthew have a BABY on the way!
From there to here, From here to there,
We will shower the new parents to help them prepare!
May is the month.
Saturday the first is the day
From 1 to 4 at the Lake House
We will par-tay!"

I know it is just personal opinion, and maybe some pregnancy hormones, but this is the cutest shower invite that I have ever seen. Seriously. And it is mine, which makes it all the more special to me. 
Just one last look... just so you can appreciate how large and in charge this puppy is. You'll notice the ruler--- yup that envelope is 13" wide.

I can't wait to see what else Mimsy has up her sleeve for Saturday. I also have a little surprise of my own for her--- shh!  It's a secret!


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