Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Bump

31 Weeks down, 9(ish) to go.  I write in the "ish" because who really knows when this baby is going to come.  While some experts have said that they think I may go early, I know that their input is about as reliable as reading the leaves in my raspberry tea.  Regardless of how much time we have left, we have enjoyed 31 weeks of Little T growing in my previously little belly.

The last few weeks have literally flown by, so I thought we might want to take a look back before we look at the present.  Remember this?  Remember when I had abs, a waistline and an hour glass figure?
Grow, baby, grow!  Gone are the days of nipped waistlines and clingy low cut shirts.  I have replaced my hourglass figure with what I lovingly call "the duck".  Here we have the latest and greatest of the bump shots.  It looks like Little T has expanded the living quarters upwards.  I am finally starting to carry a bit higher, though I know it will be short lived.


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