Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Bump

Have you noticed the lack of bump pictures lately?  Well, we Tals have been more than a little bit busy.  Between a wedding, finishing up the nursery and other top secret projects, free time does not come cheap at our house.  And when there is free time it generally involves me complaining about the fact that I suddenly feel truly pregnant.
Voila!  The bump!  Ok, so I really think it looks way larger in person.  Larger and lopsided.  There is either a butt, head or knee that has taken permanent residence in my upper right quadrant of the bump.  Even my doc is stumped at exactly what body part it is.  
And just for fun... here is another clothed shot of me and Little T.  And now that I am looking at it, white is definitely not slimming for the two of us and may be banned from this point on.


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