Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Bump

We are officially in the double digits now, gang!  Grow, Little T, Grow!  I think at this point it is safe to say that I have actually, genuinely, honestly popped my bump.  I have FINALLY had a stranger notice that I was pregnant.

The first stranger ID came at a most unlikely place.  I was scheduled to speak at a meeting in Las Vegas and attempting to get into the appropriate conference room at the MGM.  The door man/pseudo security ape had been told to not let any yellow badges into the room.  As I was being denied, I tried to reason with him that my coworker, who I was to meet in the room, and I were most definitely supposed to be there.  He apologized and explained that he had strict orders, but that he felt especially bad turning me away in my "condition".  While I think I would generally have had some sort of sharp retort on what exactly my "condition" had to do with anything, I was so excited that I had a positive ID as a pregnant woman that I could only smile.  Finally someone recognizes that I am carrying a child in this belly!  I did manage to sneak in "So, what you are telling me is that there is no room in the Inn?"

So, without further ado, except for maybe a dramatic drumroll if you please... The New and Improved BUMP!
Look at all of that Bumpy glory.  I am pleased to say that many others have now noticed all of my pregnant-ness great-ness as well. I have had a couple clients congratulate me and ask when I am due.  In general they are shocked when I say June, apparently although I have popped, I have a lot of catching up to do in the next 13 weeks.

Continuing in my tradition of demonstrating ways to manipulate the bump--- enter the ever forgiving black clothing trick. Something about black really makes me feel like a somewhat svelt person rather than the current zaftig person that I generally see in the mirror nowadays.  When I slip into a black top and black pants I can stare at myself head on in a mirror and see a pre-pregnancy Lauren complete with a waistline!  Exhibit A:
But, as soon as I turn to the side,  BAM! Exhibit B:
Bumps aside, I am more than happy to have a little free time coming up.  Between Vegas, Brain Game Championships and a bachelorette party, I was POOPED!


FutureMrsTal said...

I'm so happy you finally "popped"! Thank you again so much for the fantastic bachelorette party, it was so awesome! Now get some rest this weekend.

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