Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Bump

We are so close to 30 weeks that I can practically taste it.  And, I think that I practically look it as well.  The bump is still growing every day.  It surprises me some days when I will look in the mirror in the morning and then later that evening and see a totally different profile.
I am still able to wedge myself into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  Of course this is purely for photographic evidence that it is still possible--- I would have to be some sort of sadist to wear these all day.  Truth be told, I like wearing the same pants in each picture and all my prego jeans have waistbands that go as high as my bra.  So far *knock on wood everyone* we are stretch mark free, I still have a belly button that is concave and I still have some portion of my body that one might consider as passing for a waistline.  

While I am at 29 and a half weeks, Little T is on a totally different schedule.  When we went for our 3d ultrasound we learned that Little T's body is measuring about 2 and a half weeks ahead with a current weight of 3lbs and 8ozs.  Now, this is not an exact science for them to determine weight, but the head measurement is pretty darn accurate and shows a nice round head that is about the size that would be expected at 32 weeks.  Gulp.  That head is coming out of where?!?

For your viewing enjoyment, here is a picture of the bump how you would normally see it.  In other words, with a shirt on.
And finally, because I am a sucker for side by sides, here I am in one of my favorite shirts.  


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