Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Slacker Blogger- Retrospect #1

It is no secret that I was quite the slacker extraordinaire with this blog over the last few months (ok, so more like year).  It is with renewed vigor that I once again ask you if I can enter your homes with my poorly written stories and musings.

In honor of my top notch blog avoidance I hope to bring you all up to speed in a series of retrospects in no particular order.

Retrospect #1- "Charlie's First Birthday"

On the 16th day of this past hot and humid June, my baby turned one.  He was unimpressed by his chosen outfit, but he did like that he got special cake cookies at school.  It's the little things.  His official birthday party was to be Saturday at the lake, so his actual birthday was less than glamorous.
On Saturday, I was sick.  My mom was sick.  My dad was sick.  Charlie's Auntie Amanda was sick.  Matthew felt less than 100%.  ANNNND we had 24 guests scheduled to drive 1.5 to the party.  It was tough, but at 10am we called everyone and told them not to come. Part of the family was already there (or already infected) so we just kept it to a tight crowd that wouldn't get mad if they became insanely ill afterwards.

We felt sooo guilty for Charlie.  But, you know what, he didn't notice and didn't care.  He ran around like his little mad man self and had a blast.  He had a few friends show up to play with and that meant all the world to him.  That--- and cake of course.

Here is also his video/slideshow that I put together as a gift to him.  (More like a gift to his future wife, who I am sure will demand it for the rehearsal dinner)


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