Monday, July 18, 2011

Boy, Girl, Cupcake?

So tomorrow is the big day.  Yep, the BIG day.  I am so giddy I don't know how I will ever sleep tonight.
With this pregnancy I have been feeling a lot of guilt.  Most of my guilt is that since being pregnant is old hat I am really not treasuring all of the experiences like I did with Charlie.  I have no idea when I started to feel this baby move.  I know it happened one day and I wasn't surprised and I moved along with my day.  Same thing with my bump sticking out.  With Charlie I would practically measure to see every millimeter of growth.  Now every time I have to pull a short top down in the front I am surprised that my tummy is bigger.  I don't want baby to ever feel like he or she hasn't had the same love in the womb--- because baby has.  It's just that love now comes in quiet moments when I have time to sit and be with baby.
However, tomorrow this baby will have something that Charlie never had.  That is right, we are giving this baby the chance to show us the goods.  Not finding out the sex of the baby last time was my idea.  Finding out this time was a MUST and we both were gung ho.
Will it be a boy?  Will Charlie get a little partner in crime.  Will I be forever outnumbered in the Tal household?  Or will it be a girl that I can craft the world's cutest dresses for.  A baby that Matthew will never allow to date until she is 30 years old?  I can't wait to find out.  Eeeeee!

So let's take a peek at our odds...

Here are the BOY facts from Matthew and my families:
Number of Siblings that are boys- 3
Number of 1st Cousins that are boys- 10
Number of Uncles-7

Here are the GIRL facts from Matthew and my families:
Number of Siblings that are girls-0
Number of 1st Cousins that are girls-11
Number of Aunts-1

As you can see, the numbers are a little bit more than skewed.  In fact, if it were not for Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Perry's family line the girl numbers would be very sad.

So, let's look a little bit further out in the family lines.  The numbers get hard to calculate at this point--- so we will look at specific case studies of babes born in the last--- let's say 2.5 years, and only born to first cousins...
Kristi (first cousin of M)- BOY
Sara (first cousin of M)-BOY
Marissa (and Scott, first cousin of M)-BOY
Kelli (first cousin of M)-BOY
Chrissy (and Nick, first cousin of M)- BOY

Now in my family NONE of my first cousins have kids.  But, quite a few of my Grandma's siblings grandchildren have kids.  So, just so that my family tree looks somewhat represented, here are the stats from that branch.
Shaelie (and Cliff, second cousin of L)-GIRL and GIRL
Katie (and Brent, second cousin of L)-GIRL
Melanie (and Al, second cousin of L)-GIRL (also note that they already have 2 boys--- but they are older than the cutoff age)

Wow.  That took a lot of brain power.

So to tell the news we are using a very sturdy, dependable and much loved cupcake.  The cakes themselves are funfetti... simply because funfetti is awesome.  They will be iced in white ahead of time and we are taking two jars of sprinkles with us.  When we get to work we'll either have pink cakes or blue cakes.  Or in the case of having a shy baby there will be no cupcakes as I will have consumed them all in efforts to sugar shock the baby into exposing him(her)self.


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