Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things I loved during pregnancy

Well, as expected, my blogging has been less than impressive lately.  Can you really blame me? I have an adorable, hungry, attention loving newborn that I can't get enough of. It is pretty difficult to step away from that long enough to form coherent thoughts!
I didn't want to leave my readers high and dry, so I thought I might put together a quick review of the top things that I loved during my pregnancy. I know I have a few readers that are pregnant or hope to be soon, so this is my two cents.
#1 Thing Loved: Burt's Bees Belly Balm
Ahh yes, the balm. This is a little tub of pure moisturizing goodness.  I went through 6 tins of this during my pregnancy as I religiously spread it across my belly each night before I went to bed. It is the consistency and has the same feel as chapstick. Seriously. I would put it on and then wear a tank top so that it wouldn't get all over everything. In the mornings when I'd hop on the shower my belly would bead the water because of the protective coating. Each tin cost around $10, but you can usually find it on sale for about $9.   It wasn't cheap, but I am happy to report that I have zero stretch marks
#2 Thing Loved: Tums Smoothies
I ate these things non stop during my second and third trimester. They are WAY WAY WAY better than normal Tums.  I don't know why anyone would ever eat regular Tums once they have tried these puppies. With the same relief, they have zero of the chalkiness. I was so glad that our friend Vicky turned me on to these!
#3 Thing Loved: Old Navy NON-Maternity Clothes
Since Old Navy clothes are quite cheap (and often cheaply made) they have quite a bit of stretch. The last few weeks of my pregnancy I wore all non-maternity clothes courtesy of Old Navy. Their tanks are long enough to cover a bump and stretchy enough to fit well. Their skirts and capris are all generously cut so that you can wear em low.  And the added bonus? You can still wear them after you pop the baby out. 


Adam and Vicky said...

Then I'm extra happy I shared! My current stock proves I'm fond of them too. :) And the Old Navy clothes are a grand idea! Charlie has one awesome mama!!!

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