Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy One Month Birthday, Charlie!

It is hard to believe that this "little" man is already a whole month old.  I can't believe how much bigger he is now and how much he has changed already.
What a handsome young man you are, Charles. In your first month you have gone through about 350 diapers and around 425 wipes.  You have baptized your mom 5 times and have pooped all over your dad once. You now drink about 4 ozs of milk each feeding and have only had one spit up that required an outfit change. You unofficially weigh 10 lbs and 8 ozs, although we won't know for sure until your next doctor's appointment.You burp and coo and are obsessed with ceiling fans and posters. You have broken hundreds of hearts. You are the best baby we could have ever asked for.
However, you do have a bit of a problem. Apparently you have not yet learned that your middle finger is reserved for special occasions to express discontent, not to flip at your mommy when she tries to take your picture. Case in point:
Uh oh, I'm sorry that I upset you. Work out those lungs, big boy!
To wrap up this monthly update, I wanted to do something a little different.  In order to give a true idea of Charlie's size I am going to put him up against common household objects in a little exercise that I call "Charlie Versus" This month I proudly present "Charlie vs. Remote"
Charlie= not so amused. Me, I think it is hilarious.


David and Kelli said...

Oh, LOVE the household appliance idea! He is awesome.

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