Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Free is my Favorite.

It will come to no shock to you all that I am always looking for a deal.  I love getting the best price on just about anything and when I score something awesome I get WAY too excited.

Speaking of, remember my sell out post a couple weeks ago?  You know, the one where I gushed about Shutterfly?  Well here comes some more gushing.  I LOVE SHUTTERFLY.  Why, oh why?  Probably because I just got the 50 free holiday cards I earned by blogging about them.  You read that right, 50 free cards.  And Envelopes.  And I barely had to lift a finger.  Talk about a steal--- that is a $119 value steal.  WOOT.

To continue the love fest, I must admit, the cards turned out awesome.  I cannot yet share their beauty since I want everyone to be surprised when they get them in the mail.  Eeeeeee!


Adam and Vicky said...

So cool!!!!! Anxious to see the card! And wow -- you're on top of things!

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