Sunday, October 17, 2010

Charlie is 4 months

My baby is already 4 months old.  My baby weighs over 17 lbs.  My baby wears 6-9 month clothing. My baby is a giant.

Here is a quick update of our past month.  Charlie can roll both ways now and especially likes rolling to his left.  He would roll to his left all day long if we let him. And, speaking of rolling, he is now a belly sleeper. Nothing we can do will keep him on his back, and since his head is so strong we feel comfortable letting him snooze this way. Sometimes we walk in to check on him and he has his butt way up in the air.

In the last few weeks he has also become very aware of strangers.  Some he likes and will smile at, and some (like my mom's cousins) he decides he doesn't like AT ALL.

Another more fun development is how much he plays.  He loves toys now and always wants something to bang or push. He also shoves just about anything he can into his mouth---including both of his feet.

Here are some pictures!



David and Kelli said...

Ok, first of all, he is ADORABLE. Second of all, you look AMAZING GIRL!!! Way to go!

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